Monday, March 5, 2012

Chocolate, Cream and Pumpkin Pie Parfait

The last couple of months have seen me try my hand at a couple of vegan recipes, more out of interest than anything else. The results I’ve been getting have been surprisingly tasty… main savoury dishes, cakes, milkshakes – the lot has been great! It’s all mainly due to an American vegan blogger called Katie, who is the creator of the blog Chocolate-Covered Katie.

Initially I was extremely sceptical and quite suspicious of vegan cooking (I find it nearly impossible to imagine a life without eggs!) but lately I’ve been in the vegan mode of things, thanks to Katie and her amazing desserts. A couple of weeks ago I made a variation of her Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Pie and can unashamedly say that I ate three quarters of it in one sitting… It. Was.  So. Good.  And unlike the time when I downed a whole Woolies chocolate mud cake in one go, it didn’t make me feel queasy at all. All I felt was satisfaction. Good quality chocolate + tofu = win.

Ever since eating the chocolate pie, I have been obsessed with the idea of using tofu as a base for desserts. The garden has just pumped out its last pumpkin for  what looks like might be a while now, so I thought to use some in Katie’s Pumpkin Pie Pudding. Chuck that in a glass with some chocolate mousse and whipped cream, garnish with seasonal fruit and you’ve got yourself a light and tasty summer dessert!

Also, sorry about the ugly photo. I wasn't originally going to blog about this and only took the photo under protest at the insistence of my guinea pigs (i.e. parents). Hence the haphazard plonking of the three layers... 

Chocolate, Cream and Pumpkin Pie Parfait (using recipes adapted from Chocolate-Covered Katie)

1 quantity pumpkin pie mousse (recipe below)
1 quantity chocolate mousse (recipe below)
1 quantity whipped cream (recipe below)
Seasonal fruit of choice (I used nectarines)

Directions: Put a dollop of one of the above (I started with chocolate) in a serving glass, top it with another (pumpkin) and then the third (whipped cream) and continue to layer until just below the rim of the glass. Top with fruit and eat.

You can also make fruit layers in between the mousses – I ended up doing this with leftover nectarines while I was eating.

Whipped cream: place all ingredients in a food processor and blend
190g silken-firm tofu
½ tsp vanilla extract
Sweetener, to taste

Pumpkin Pie Mousse: place all ingredients in a food processor and blend
120 grams silken-firm tofu
½ tsp cinnamon + nutmeg
120g cooked and mashed pumpkin
2 Tbsp liquid (I just used water)
Sweetener, to taste (honey, sugar, etc)

Light Chocolate Mousse: place all ingredients in a food processor and blend
110s silken-firm tofu
1/8 tsp vanilla extract
1 Tbsp dark cocoa powder
Small dash salt
Sweetener, to taste

For a more decadent chocolate mousse, try Katie's newer version. Yum.

And leftovers? Make another parfait, eat the separate layers as they are or them in a sundae or serve with cakes, fruit, etc! I used mine in my breakfast the next morning: wholemeal artisan toast topped with mashed banana and whipped cream ahhh heaven on a plate. 

- Matilda

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