Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Pudding: Take Two

Just before Christmas last year, I wrote a lovey-dovey post about how much I love my twinnies and thanking you all for reading my blog for a whole year. After reading over it again (yep I use my own blog as my source of recipes now  - I promise I'm not a narcissist) I realised, "HEY, this means it's now been TWO whole years since I started this blog!" And indeed it has been. So happy two year anniversary to me and to celebrate, I thought I'd share how to make a Christmas pudding pretty rather than the ugly mess I published last year!!

This year I have made this pudding four times. Yes, four. And if you count the double batch I made yesterday as two, the final count would be five. If I am to tell the truth, yes I am sick and tired of eating this pudding. However, my father, for whom this/these was/were a birthday cake/s, it seems that not even being buried alive by pudding will suffice. Anyway. When I made this pudding for the second time this year, I discovered both secrets number one and two (and a bonus third):
  1. Take the pudding out of the cloth THE VERY SECOND it has finished boiling. 
  2. Turn it the right way up (i.e. don't serve it upside down as I did last year).
  3. Buy super cheap yet delicious brandy custard from Aldi for serving. 
And it's as simple as that. Merry Christmas!

- Matilda

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